Protect Our Homes and Kids

Vote NO on Anaheim Measure E

For almost 30 years, Anaheim has protected its homes and communities with a strong law against fireworks passed overwhelmingly by Anaheim voters.

Measure E would overturn our fireworks law and put Anaheim at risk.

Fireworks cause 17,000 fires a year.  That's the last thing we need in Anaheim, with our history of major fires.  

That's also why America's leading firefighter organizations are against "safe and sane" fireworks.

Fireworks cause many problems in the cities where they're legal.  That's why local public safety officials are against "safe and sane" fireworks.

The Orange County Grand Jury studied the impact of "safe and sane" fireworks on O.C. cities that allow them.  

Public safety officials told the grand jury the sale of "safe and sane" fireworks contributes significantly to illegal fireworks activity.

In fact, Huntington Beach recently tried a two year experiment of allowing "safe and sane" fireworks. One H.B. city council member called this experiment "a total disaster." 

Their fire chief reported the amount of illegal fireworks seized in the city more than tripled during this time.  That's one of the reasons Huntington Beach decided to get "safe and sane" fireworks off their streets again.

In O.C. cities that allow fireworks, the grand jury found extra costs to the taxpayer of almost $200,000 in a single year from safety agencies  trying to keep a lid on fireworks problems.

If you don't want to see these problems in our city, please vote NO on Anaheim Measure E.

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