Fireworks destroy homes and property

Fireworks caused 17,800 fires in 2011 and  tens of millions of dollars in property damage

Source: National Fire Protection Association (

Fireworks injure children and adults

 Fireworks cause 9,000 injuries a year serious enough to require emergency room treatment

Source: National Fire Protection Association (

 Approximately 1/3 of eye injuries from fireworks result in blindness

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics (

Fireworks hurt taxpayers and all insured people

The Centers for Disease Control reported that annual costs from fireworks-related injuries are estimated to be $100 million

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

The Orange County Grand Jury studied problems caused by "safe and sane" fireworks.  They reported extra police and fire services on a recent Fourth of July cost taxpayers almost $200,000, with most of this expense related to issues caused by fireworks

Source: Orange County Grand Jury (

"Safe and sane" fireworks don't exist

More than 1/3 of firework injuries in 2011 were caused by "safe and sane" fireworks

Source: National Fire Protection Association (

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