The Orange County Grand Jury studied the impact of "safe and sane" fireworks on Orange County.  Below are excerpts from their report

"The Grand Jury found safety officials to be unanimous in their opinion that the sale of legal fireworks should be banned. Their use contributes to the injury of persons, usually children, and the destruction of private and public property. Legal fireworks also masks the use of illegal fireworks in the community and often contributes to a disruption of public order. Police officials believe that they could significantly reduce the usage of illegal fireworks if the sale of legal fireworks were banned."

"Last Fourth of July taxpayers in Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Stanton paid a total of $188,000 for extra police and fire services, primarily for enforcement of both legal and illegal fireworks activity."

"Safety officials, specifically police and fire personnel, in these five cities are often overwhelmed in calls-for-service on this holiday and many refer to sections of their cities as resembling a 'war zone' because of fireworks-related issues." 

"One senior citizen mobile home park was completely shut off from safety services because of persons detonating fireworks and blocking the entrance to the residences. Residents were unable to enter or exit the mobile home park because of these blocked entrances."

"In another city, rival gang members fashioned shoulder-mounted grenade launchers out of PVC pipe. The launchers were loaded with a combination of illegal fireworks and altered legal fireworks. The gangs blocked the street with stolen shopping carts to impede police response and proceeded to have a 'fire-fight' against each other."

"Safety officials contend that the sale of State-approved 'safe and sane' fireworks in these five cities contribute to a significant increase in illegal fireworks activity...This activity spills over into adjacent cities where all fireworks are illegal, causing safety agencies in those cities significant enforcement problems."




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